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2020 gratitude report

Annick Moreau, nurse
Photo: Olivier Jean, La Presse archives

You won’t be there, but we will.
We will hold their hand...
until their very last breath.

— The palliative care team

Respiratory therapist Julie Morasse, at the bedside of Julia R., 56 years old.
Photo: Olivier Jean, La Presse archives

In memory of all of the victims of COVID-19...


During this exceptional year, we heard a lot about healthcare workers—and rightly so. From maintenance staff to medical specialists, nurses and every other worker in the health field. They waged a colossal and unrelenting battle. To quote one of our patients, “They deserve more than our respect, they deserve our love!” But they’re not the only heroes in this pandemic.

YOU are also the heroes in this unprecedented health crisis. As donors, you made it possible for a patient at the end of life to see his loved ones one last time on a tablet before passing away in his intensive care room. You provided surgical gowns and visors to keep our staff safe.

Thanks to you, the patient in the middle of her cancer treatments was able to continue receiving care because you paid for her transportation.
You improved access to care by providing a new echocardiogram. These are just a few examples of your incredible generosity.

COVID-19 really put us to the test this year. But you rose to the occasion. You continued to show compassion and caring. You were always there, by our side. By their side. Beside Chantal, Isabelle, Martin, Amélie, Mégane, Normand, Renaud and all the others.

Thank you for also being our healthcare heroes!

Nathalie Boudreau

Executive Director,
Fondation Hôpital

Richard Deschamps

President and Chief
Executive Officer, CISSS
de la Montérégie-Centre

Benoit Lemieux

Fondation Hôpital